Is Spike Lee a Knicks or a Nets Fan? (Video)

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Spike Lee further ignited the NY Knicks vs Brooklyn Nets NBA rivalry with a video on YouTube which immediately went viral on Wednesday. Whose side is he on anyway?

In the video, Lee talks to himself in a mirror, with one side dressed in orange and blue and the other side dressed in black and white.

He invokes the long period in New York when Brooklyn was left without a professional sports team after the Dodgers left for LA in 1957. He uses a free verse rap style to show that his heart may be torn in two. Lee was born and raised in Brooklyn and his most famous movies are set in the storied borough.

It’s well known that Spike Lee has been an ardent Knicks fan for decades, with courtside season tickets. At times he’s ignited controversy by injecting himself into the game, even sometimes stepping on to the boards, taunting rivals, most notably the Bulls’ Scottie Pippen. He, and the Knicks both lost that argument.

The Nets are enjoying a season advantage over their crosstown rivals at the moment, and Spike Lee is clearly torn over loyalties. In the end he trots out the fabled Brooklyn Dodgers mantra used against their own nemesis, the NY Yankees.

“Wait ’til next year.”

In this case, it could go either way.

Here’s the video:

What do you think? Is Spike Lee still a Knicks die-hard? Or is he still a Brooklyn fan?

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