Is Stephanie Courtney (Flo, the Progressive Insurance Lady) Pregnant? (PHOTO)

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Stephanie Courtney, otherwise known as Flo The Progressive Insurance Lady, would like to take this opportunity to set the record straight: she is not pregnant.

“They put me in a very starched apron, and I’m a curvy lady, and, so, when the starched apron gets tied…” Courtney said. She was explaining that many people thought Flo, the character she plays in the commercials, was pregnant. Many people even wrote to Progressive asking if she was pregnant or not. They didn’t want to buy any insurance, however.

So many people are fascinated with Flo, whether it’s that you love here: “she’s hot” and “I want to f*** Flo so bad!!!!” to hate her: “FLO PLZ GO AWAY” and “this girl is ugly and annoying and stupid and everything that is wrong with America.”

I think she’s a hottie. I wouldn’t mind an insurance agent just like her. I wonder if I called Progressive I could get her on the line? Guess not.

Flo Not Pregnant

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