Is Suspect in Lynn Jackenheimer Slaying Hiding in the Open?

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The man who stabbed and strangled Lynn Jackenheimer was allegedly spotted in Columbus, Ohio recently by a former Marine who says she saw him in the parking lot of her apartment complex. This isn’t the only source who claimed to have seen Nate Summerfield in the Columbus area. Police in the Ohio town acknowledge that they’ve been getting tips all day regarding these sightings. Could this man really be ballsy enough to be right under the noses of those who are hunting him?

The 27-year-old woman, who is not being identified, said that she saw the man near a dumpster fiddling with the licence plate of a car. She claimed to have looked Summerfield right in the eyes. If she’s telling the truth, then she probably knows exactly who she saw. Nate Summerfield has a very distinctive look, as shown by the photo of him above. The man appears to be hiding right in plain sight after allegedly stabbing and strangling Lynn Jackenheimer.

This seems really hard to accept. Would he be so stupid as to be kicking around right in Columbus, Ohio? This city is only about an hour away from Ashland, where Summerfield was last seen — where he admitted to murdering the woman to his brother when he dropped off her children.

The U.S. Marshals are after his ass, and it’s only a matter of time before he’s located, tagged and bagged. So if he is out there in the open, he will be apprehended. Still it just doesn’t seem likely that someone that stupid would go this long without being arrested. These high-profile cases always come with “sightings,” but are they always accurate?

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