Is Taylor Armstrong an Alcoholic? Co-Stars Stage an Intervention

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Taylor Armstrong has been seemingly drunk for most of the third season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills so far, leaving some fans and a few co-stars concerned that she may have an alcohol problem. In fact, several members of the cast teamed up and held an intervention for Taylor all while Bravo cameras were rolling.

“Later this season, you’ll see most of the women go to Ojai, California, for what was supposed to be a relaxing spa weekend,” an insider reveals to Wetpaint. “Instead, it becomes an intervention about Taylor’s drinking. They all think her drinking has grown out of control, and they sit her down and give it to her straight.” While an on-camera confrontation may seem to be a bit drastic, it may be just what Taylor needs.

While it is still unknown whether or not the intervention will be a part of the third season, the insider does confirm that it was absolutely something that was filmed. “The intervention was definitely filmed,” the insider insists. “Everyone just hopes it makes it to air so Taylor’s problem can finally be out in the open.”

Unfortunately, the insider also revealed that despite Taylor’s friends’ efforts, not much has changed following their intervention. “I don’t think Taylor’s gotten healthier since the intervention,” the insider shares. “I think she’s just gotten a little smarter. For the rest of the season, she tries to watch herself when the cameras are around—but as soon as they’re done filming, I’ve seen her start to drink more heavily again. When she’s not filming, she does what she wants.”

Hopefully, if Taylor truly does have a problem, it is something that she will address at some point. Fans would hate to see her go down such a dark road.

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