Is Taylor Armstrong Obsessing Over Her Looks?

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When fans think of Taylor Armstrong, they think big lips! Armstrong is known for her extremely plump pout and has made it known that she loves her lips, and won’t be downsizing anytime soon!

As of late, pictures have been surfacing of a very stiff-faced Armstrong leading fans to believe she is upping her Botox dose in light of the new season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills beginning production. Now, a source is telling Radar Online that Armstrong has become obsessed with looking as young as possible.

The source says, Armstrong “has recently ramped up her regimen to appear younger. Taylor looks a lot different than she did this time last year and she might have gone overboard with too much Botox and other facial fillers.” That is clear judging by recent photos.

Reports surfaced months ago that viewers aren’t happy with Armstrong’s dark story and producers were going to phase her out because of it. No one likes a Debbie downer, right? “Taylor feels under more pressure than ever to appear younger and is desperate to do anything to stay on the show. Taylor is absolutely obsessed with looking younger because she feels that it will help her career, and to snag a new man.”

Hopefully Taylor Armstrong will be able to deal with what ever it is that is making her so desperate to look a certain way in a safer manner. It would be horrible to see her destroy her face.

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