Is Taylor Swift Rescuing Conor Kennedy?

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Taylor Swift is not just dating Conor Kennedy, but she is reportedly spending a good bit of time helping him work through the loss of his mother. According to Conor’s cousin, she is spending plenty of time distracting him from thinking constantly about his mother’s suicide.

Look, there are plenty of people who are not keen on Taylor getting hooked up with the four-year younger Kennedy, who is still in high school. The thing is, his family seems to really like her, so she can’t go wrong in dating him if she wants, right?

“Mary Richardson (Conor’s mother) was a big-hearted individual who cared deeply for her kids and they’ve suffered greatly for her not being there,” cousin Christopher Lawford said in a recent interview.

He goes on to say that “whatever Conor has to do to comfort himself, he should do it as long as [he and Taylor Swift] are both happy and healthy … and left alone.”

So, will people actually be able to cut Taylor a little slack, and stop with the silly cougar nonsense? From the sound of things, the Kennedy family is actually really glad that Swift came into Conor’s life.

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