Is ‘Teen Mom’ Leah Messer Still Smoking?

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Teen Mom Leah Messer shocked fans when pictures were released of her smoking. Of course, it wasn’t the fact that she was smoking, but rather the fact that she was doing so while supposedly pregnant. She immediately caught flack for the photos and announced that she was going to try and kick the habit once and for all.

So, how is that going? While she may be trying to quit, she hasn’t been able to do it just yet. Fans noticed something was awry when her best friend mentioned that she still had Leah’s lighter. However, her friend quickly did damage control by explaining that, while Leah does indeed smoke, she does not do so around her twin daughters.

Although she does not smoke around her girls, the habit can still have negative repercussions. Not only is Leah putting her own health at risk, children whose parents smoke are more likely to pick up the habit.

There is no doubt that Leah Messer is stressed out; she hit a deer with her car at the beginning of the month and allegedly suffered a miscarriage. Despite the stress, there are different things that the Teen Mom could do to relax, and hopefully in the future she is able to quit smoking not only for herself, but also her girls.

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