Is The Bachelor’s Tenley Pregnant or Is ABC Fooling Us Again?

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At first, I thought I was going crazy. I watched The Bachelor last night, and granted I was working while watching, but I watched Tenley finally admit to Jake that she was divorced. She really needn’t have worried, as he took it really well, and after that he had a one-on-one date with Ella and her son. A child seems to trump being divorced.

After watching The Bachelor, I was watching yesterday’s All My Children (I really need to be examined for allowing myself to get hooked on that again), and I see a commercial that has Tenley saying she’s pregnant.  What? This isn’t a preview for next week as it aired Monday afternoon. I rewound a few times, and she is clearly saying “I’m pregnant.”

How could I have missed that on the show? I paused the soap on the DVR, and by soap I mean the daytime drama, not the soap that The Bachelor has become, and replay Jake and Tenley. She never says “I’m pregnant,” and is instead saying she was married before. They are wearing the same clothes they are wearing in the commercial and are in front of the same background.

Is The Bachelor’s Tenley pregnant or not? I went back to the commercial, then back to the show, several times. The “I’m pregnant” is clearly being said, but can’t be confirmed if it’s coming from her mouth at that time. This leaves us with really only two possibilities. Either ABC was using clever advertising and it’s all a ruse to get us to tune in, or later in the season Tenley admits  to this, and they wanted to get us talking about it now, so cleverly spliced it in.

Here’s the answer, as it turns out it was a deleted scene. Tenley was just joking with Jake and told him that as a joke, then said she was kidding. Yet, it’s pretty low of ABC to use her joke in an ad, but not use it on the show to leave us wondering and keep us talking. At least it means we didn’t have to talk about Michelle anymore, as he clearly wised up with that.

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