Is the Family of Notorious B.I.G. Furious Over Release of Autopsy Report?

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It has been rumored that the family of Notorious B.I.G. is furious over the release of the rapper’s autopsy report because they were not warned about the incident beforehand. After being publicly criticized for the oversight, police apologized on Dec. 8 to the family of “Biggie Small,” who’s real name is Christopher Wallace. The released records date back to 1997 and document disturbing details about the rapper’s murder including where bullets entered and exited his body.

The police claim that the release of the documents was an administrative oversight, and that their premature release is unfortunate. It would seem that if they did not plan to have the autopsy report released on Friday, it wouldn’t have been. Perhaps informing the Wallace family about the release of these documents was an oversight that they are not willing to cop to?

The head of the Robbery-Homicide Division was quoted as saying, “Obviously this has been a challenging case for us to solve. We hope that witnesses or other people with information will come forward and give us the clues we need to solve this case.” There is probably more that can be done aside from releasing the Notorious B.I.G. autopsy report 15 years after the incident. They may have waited way too long to attempt to get new leads at this point. What do you think?

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