Is the Fight Against Susan Rice Appointment Racist?

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Susan Rice would not be the first African American Secretary of State. That honor went to Condoleezza Rice. However, do old, white, male, Republicans that just lost a “war on women” really want to fight an appointment of a black female that is personal friends with the president? This is a very slippery slope for any U.S. governing body to consider “looking” bad over doing what’s “right.”

Rice has lots of degrees. She’s a Rhode’s Scholar. She’s also not exactly trustworthy. It is common knowledge that the Benghazi attack was already classified as a “terrorist” attack before Rice went on television interviews saying it wasn’t. It is still unknown as to who changed the verbiage. There was an entire discussion on Meet the Press Sunday about who might have taken the word “terrorist” out of the conversation.

In addition, Rice has been quoted in the past saying some really dumb things for someone supposedly so smart. She reportedly didn’t want to use the word “genocide” in 1994 because it would “look bad” to do nothing about it and could cost Clinton the election. She’s been criticized repeatedly for possibly “losing” Bin Laden in Sudan in 1996. Not only has she made questionable statements, she reportedly gave Richard Holbrook the middle finger during a meeting! And if that’s not enough, she has no loyalty either. She worked in the Clinton administration but couldn’t jump the Clinton ship fast enough to join Obama’s campaign in 2008 and criticize Hillary. She clearly makes her own choices, many of them not so great. It’s highly likely that she took the word “terrorist” out of the discussion about Benghazi. She couldn’t let her president “look bad.” Especially after she burned all her other bridges in Washington to get by his side.

Susan Rice is a bad choice.

It shouldn’t be about race.

It shouldn’t be about her gender.

It should be about how she is going to represent America to the rest of the world as Secretary of State. She has not exhibited the ability to represent this nation properly. Plain and simple. America cannot have a U.S. Secretary of State giving the middle finger to the leaders of other countries.

McCain and Graham are not usually the most sensible people, but in this case, they are spot on. Block her confirmation boys.

Susan Rice, official State Dept photo portrait, 2009 Image Source: Wikimedia Commons/U.S. State Department

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