Is the Post Office Open on Presidents Day 2011? Check Here!

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Today is Presidents Day, and most businesses are up and running with great holiday promotions and Presidents Day sales. A lot of people are asking the question: Is the Post Office open on Presidents Day 2011? Perhaps with the long weekend people are trying to get a few more errands done, and were hoping to mail some items off.

Presidents Day is a federal holiday, which means most banks, and federal offices will be closed. So, is the Post Office open on Presidents Day? Unfortunately, it is not open, because the Postal Service is federally ran. According to an article at Examiner, Post Offices, and mail delivery is a no go for the day. Normal mail service will resume tomorrow, February, 22.

So sit back, relax, or go do some shopping! Even better, take this opportunity to sleep in if you can! Whatever you do, don’t run outside checking your mailbox every few minutes, or put the flag up on the side. Unless you want everyone to look at you funny!

Keep in mind that most banks are closed for Presidents Day as well

What are your plans for today? Will you be working, or do you have the holiday off? Will you be spending time with family? Were you wondering “is the post office open on Presidents Day?” Hopefully your holiday weekend was a blast!

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