Is the Romney Campaign Overpaying Staffers? Obama Says Yes

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The Obama campaign is criticizing the Mitt Romney campaign after the figures were published last week by the Federal Election Commission. Romney is now spending as much on his campaign payroll as Obama is, but it appears that the Obama campaign knows how to spend more wisely, since they have twice as many staffers for the same cost. This could be viewed as one microcosmic example of which campaign knows how to spend money better, and will be better at managing the government budget.

According to the figures that were filed last week, the Romney organization spent $4.04 million on payroll in August, and the Obama campaign spent $4.37 million, which are very similar numbers. However, the Times Data Desk (LA Times) reports that the Obama campaign employed 901 people, and paid them on average $3,074 per month. Romney on the other hand employed just 403 people and paid them $6,437 a month on average.

The Romney campaign says they can explain this, because of back pay owed to some new employees. However, the figure that they cite as their average is $51,500 per year, which is still $4,291 a month.

It could be that Romney and Obama are just going about campaigning a different way. Obama’s campaign staff includes organizers who are tasked with identifying and registering voters who will likely vote for President Obama and the Romney people are trusting that RNC will provide motivation to register and head to the polls.

If you want another example of the Republicans having trouble figuring out how to balance their hefty checkbooks, look at the Republican National Committee’s employee numbers. They have 208 employees, being paid a median salary of $40,814, while the Democrats are employing 291 staffers, making a median income of $35,394.

The real question is, why are employees on the DNC and Obama campaign willing to work for less? It could be argued that it’s because the Obama people simply know how to budget better, or it could be argued that the Obama staffers believe in their cause enough to work for less. Of course, if you were to ask a Republican, they would probably say it was because the Obama campaign doesn’t want to pay valuable staffers what they are worth.

What are your thoughts?

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