Is the ‘Texas Blue Dog’ a Chupacabra? (Photo)

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A stuffed and mounted dog with blue skin and eyes may revive the legend of the Chupacabra in the Southwest after the myth was largely debunked last year as merely coyotes with a severe case of mange.

But an extremely scholarly, investigative report by amateur cryptozoology student Jon Downes raises new questions about the legend and breathes new life into the myth.

The findings? Apparently there is a heretofore unknown species of wolf hiding in the vast wildernesses which still exist in Texas. Both of a red and blue variety, the cryptid creatures exhibit many of the features long attributed to the mythical canine-like animal spotted, filmed and examined in the Southwest and Mexico.

This photo of a stuffed example, now residing as a fireplace trophy in a remote Texas home, has baffled biologists and caused new investigation into the phenomenon. Is a Finding Bigfoot kind of reality TV series the next step in the hunt?

It would certainly get great ratings and revitalize the debate over what many witnesses insist is no mangy dog or coyote.

Anyone from the Discovery Channel reading this? Get a camera crew together and head out to the wilds of Texas. Chupacabra Lives!

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