Is the ‘X Factor’ Getting a Pussycat Doll?

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Despite one Pussycat Doll’s failure to stir up business for the X Factor, it seems the show is ready to try another of the famed singers. Can Ashley Roberts succeed where Nicole Scherzinger failed?

It’s possible, especially since Ashley is up for a show host and not a judge’s slot. Nicole might have fared better had she been kept in that slot instead of being bumped up as a judge at the last moment.

Surely, Ashley’s knowledge of the music business could come in hand when it comes to calming the show’s contestants backstage. She understand what the contestants will be going through — the stress and the uncertainty. Therefore, she might be able to offer them a few words of advice to keep them calm and under control.

Rumor has it, Roberts already auditioned for X Factor producers. That would indicate her interest in the gig. The fact that she’s meeting with Fox’s show executives this week could be a sign that the audition went well too. Still, Ashley isn’t the only woman the singing competition is thinking about. Some other famous names have cropped up in rumors too. They include Erin Andrews, Khloe Kardashian, Stacey Keibler and Kelly Osbourne. Also, because the show originally wants a guy and a girl to share hosting duties, they’re also looking at Mike Catherwood, Terence J and Mario Lopez.

However, Fox is being cage. The network isn’t quite ready to tip its hand. Therefore, they aren’t commenting on rumors.

Of the possibilities, the most intriguing might be Osbourne and Lopez. Both of them are personable, which could prove successful. Both also have winning smiles and bubbly personalities that could help hold television viewers’ attention.

Mike Catherwood, however, seems the wrong personality type for this particular gig. His humor is a bit too off kilter at times. It could make the contestants even more nervous.

Still, all the noted choices have a certain amount of intrigue. It will be interesting to see what actually falls into place.

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