Is There a ‘Modern Family’ Fight Brewing Over Emmys?

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When it comes to Modern Family, there are Emmy riches on one side of the house while the other side remains unrecognized. Is that causing trouble?

Not according to Emmy winners Eric Stonestreet and Julie Bowen. Although Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Ed O’Neil and Sophia Vergara don’t have a golden statue yet, word is there is no jealousy on set.

“We love each other,” Stonestreet told reporters. “We absolutely 100 percent (do)….” Although he made room for the chance that could change in the future, he doesn’t think it will.

As for Bowen, she says Vergara has received her rewards in other ways. No doubt she’s referring to the amazing endorsement career that Sophia’s put together because of her Modern Family stint.

Bowen joked, saying, “She lives inside an Emmy. It’s a golden palace of beauty.”

She’s right. Vergara may not have the statue to put on her mantel, but she’s got tons of cash to put in the bank. That is thanks to her Pepsi and CoverGirl endorsements, among others, as well as her K-Mart fashion and home lines. Sophia’s got nothing to complain about.

As for O’Neil, he’s an acting pro. He knows how the system works. Right now all eyes are on a few characters but that could switch within an instant.

So what do you think? Did Ferguson, O’Neil and Vergara get robbed or did the right cast members get recognized? Sound off below.

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