Is There a Serial Killer in Detroit?

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Could there be a serial killer on the loose in Detroit? That’s the question some are asking after police acknowledged connections between four different murdered women in the area. There are also other ominous statements lending to this theory.

Vehicle towed away from the scene of unexplained deaths and a fire.

So far, four different women have been found in car trunks in the Detroit area. And it’s being reported that police are “stopping short” of calling this a serial killer investigation. Officials acknowledge that three of the four women have openly advertised sexual services as escorts online.

Officials are not naming the website in question, but they do say it’s a community site for selling and buying items that also has an adult section. This could be the all too notorious Craigslist or it could also be—both are prominent in news reports involving prostitution.

These cases seem connected because of the “escort” connection, as well as other things. For instance, on the 19th of December police discovered the burned, murdered bodies of two women in one trunk of a car. This Sunday two more burned bodies were discovered in the trunk of a car. It just seems uncanny that these things are going on without a connection so the Detroit police are totally correct in looking at this the way they are.

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