Is There a Sex Tape in ‘The Bachelor’ Ben Flajnik’s Future?

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In usual National Enquirer style, they’ve started a rumor that The Bachelor, Ben Flajnik may have a sex tape about to hit the web.

The question is, was it made before or after he started the show?

Given the scandals which have rocked The Bachelor set over the years (the drinking, the fake love interests, the obvious scripting on what’s supposed to be a Reality TV series and, oh yeah, the promiscuous sex off-camera) it’s not too much of a stretch to believe that an extra-curricular sex tape might just make it off the cutting room floor.

Of course, Ben could have made a sex tape before he became famous. That would be the usual way a sex scandal is broken in Hollywood. People only care about these things when the “star” involved is on television or in the movies. That’s what makes them real.

Of course, the next question would have to be, just who is Ben’s sex tape partner?

Nicki, Courtney… Kim Kardashian?

Now that would be a great show!

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