Is there school tomorrow? School closings in New York

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Snowfall which covered up the New York and tri-state area resulted in many school closings in New York on Wednesday.  A blizzard warning was issued for the area which also canceled most flights leaving the area.  More snow was expected to pile up during Wednesday evening, prompting eager students to ask the age old question – “Is there school tomorrow?”   

Unfortunately for many of those eager students, in the latest news update, New York Mayor Bloomberg has announced that NYC Public schools will be open for Thursday.  Bloomberg apologized to those who wanted a day off during his press conference late on Wednesday.  In addition, Bloomberg announced that after school extracurricular activities will resume tomorrow as well.  See more about the Blizzard of 2010 here.

With the school closings in New York on Wednesday out came the plows from the Sanitation department.  There were an estimated 1,600 plows and 2,100 workers going on 12-hour shifts, according to NBC New York.  So despite a blizzard warning issued by the National Weather Service on early Wednesday into early Thursday morning, the answer to “Is there school tomorrow?” for many New York students will be a dreadful yes, unless of course they enjoy school.

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