Is this one of those ‘Worms From Hell’? (Video)

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In June 2011, a gigantic story about so-called “worms from Hell” swept the web because scientists (and creeped-out laymen [and laywomen?]) thought the scary creatures, found two miles deep inside the Earth’s crust, may be a prototype for alien life on hostile planets.

The story took off and became a volcanic viral phenomenon, partly because of the provocative nature of the scientific debate. But mostly because the idea is so creepy-crawly, it’s irresistible.

Pictures of the creatures were mostly relegated to fossilized remains, since bringing a live specimen back to the surface (if they’d been found) probably would have destroyed it.

But a video posted on YouTube raises the possibility that one of these “worms from Hell” has been been brought back alive. Either that or it’s the strangest above-ground creature ever caught on tape.

The 38-second video shows a long, wormy nematode, covered in some kind of liquid, writhing on a tabletop as a squeamish woman laughs nervously. And more than a little scared.

Bizarrely, an Allman Brothers tune is playing in the background, which the nightmarish beast seems to be gesticulating in perfect time to.

It opens up its “mouth” to reveal some scary teeth which look like they could easily bore through granite. Could it be the inspiration for those elusive and destructive spice worms described in the bestselling novel, Dune?

Hopefully, someone reading this article can explain authoritatively just what this creature is, as the original video is completely lacking in details.

Until then, it’s nightmares for everybody else.

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