Is this the end of the Shamu show at Sea World? [VIDEO]

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So apparently, this isn’t the first time “Shamu” as been out of control on one of the trainers.  From watching the video you can see that these killer whales don’t want to be held captive in these small tanks.  Additionally, how do you think they got their name “killer whale?”  It is unfortunate that Shamu has taken the life of trainer, Dawn Brancheau, however, this should not only be the opportunity to share grief and condolences with the friends and family of Brancheau but to also realize what it means to hold certain animals in captivity against their will.  Is the death of one of their trainers going to be the icing on the cake to end the Shamu show at Sea World? Sea World in Orlando, Florida has canceled their Shamu show since the incident. Check out this video of Shamu!:

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