Is Tom Hardy Gay or Bisexual? The Inception Star’s Sure of Himself

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Tom Hardy, one of the stars of Inception, recently gave an interview to NOW Magazine that has some people asking, “Is Tom Hardy gay?”

Tom Hardy was asked about having gay sex during the NOW interview. He responded, “Of course I have. I’m an actor for f*ck’s sake.” He went on to explain that he no longer finds sex with men interesting.

Hardy also said he needs and values relationships with men for other reasons, especially gay men. Tom Hardy being gay or bisexual seems an interesting question to ask against that statement.

So is Tom Hardy gay? Not from the looks of it. He’s engaged to British actress Charlotte Riley and has a two-year-old son with a previous girlfriend. Hardy also calls his gay affairs experimentation.

Saying Tom Hardy is gay is denying him his life experience and right to self-identify. Also, based on his behavior, he’s not gay. He’s historically bisexual but identifies as straight due to his current attraction patterns.

So no, Tom Hardy is not gay. But Hardy is a sexy leading man who says he’s had sex with men. That still makes him a refreshing change from the usual gay denial syndrome.

Anyone claiming Tom Hardy’s gay can likely have a long chat with Charlotte Riley about it, too.

Source: Daily Mail
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