Is United Airlines Putting the Luggage Carousel Out of Business?

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United Airlines is trying something that business flyers especially are going to love. The luggage carousels at airports are very busy, very confusing and extremely time consuming. You stand around waiting and waiting for the luggage from your flight to arrive. Valuable minutes tick away and you win up frustrated. Finally the first suitcase shows up, followed by many others spinning carefree round and round. But alas, your baggage is nowhere to be seen.

You can eliminate this problem by totally avoiding the carousels if you fly United. Instead of standing around wasting time after your flight, now you can head right to your hotel. Wouldn’t that be a great service even though you have to pay for it? Business travelers would agree that the cost of $30 for one bag, $40 for two bags or the bargain price of $50 for up to bags is worth it.Luggage

You pay United for the service and when your flight arrives at your destination off you go and your luggage will be delivered to you by United Airlines. This service is called BagsVIP and it is only offered at the following airports: Boston, Chicago, Honolulu, Houston, Los Angeles and Orlando. They say the luggage will be delivered within 4 hours of your arrival time if the final baggage destination is less than 40 miles from the airport.

Although BagsVIP won’t work for all business travelers, for those who can take advantage of it, this could be a great stress-reliever. Saving time and aggravation is a good thing.

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