Is Violence Never Necessary?

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Is Violence Never Necessary?


     Before beginning to address such a controversial topic, let me say that I am not advocating violence.   No one wants to get hurt and few are psychopathic enough to enjoy hurting others.   However, it is time to consider the topic in a sober manner.  In response to the passage of the Health Care Reform Bill, there were reports of threats, name calling and even violence.  Whether they were planted or exaggerated, I don’t know.  The point is that everyone from both sides came out and condemned even the idea of resorting to violence, even when our most basic liberties are threatened.  Glenn Beck spent almost the entire week repeating that we must never resort to violence.  Of course those in power repeated the same thing because for all the control they think they have, they are cowards.   For them, it is fine to control us at the point of a gun but when the tables are turned, they cry “foul”.   There is something we need to consider, however.  Our protests have fallen on deaf ears.  Even if the government changes hands, realistically there is little hope for resurrecting the republic through our normal means.  This government now holds absolute power of life and death.  If we cannot rely on our protests or our electoral activities to motivate our leaders to respect our rights and liberties, do we just give up?  If they win the battle and Health Care Reform remains the law of the land and they push forward with Immigration Reform and Cap and Trade against our will, do we simply conform to the new paradigm of totalitarianism they have created?  It is our compliance with their despotism that has made any of this possible.  If there is any hope of resurrecting the Republic, we need to stop complying with immoral and unconstitutional laws and exercises of power.  That is civil disobedience.  But is that where is ends?  Consider these two quotes by Thomas Jefferson;

     “What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?  Let them take arms.”

     “What signify a few lives lost in a century or two?  The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.  It is its natural manure.”

Many of us rightly revere the founders as wise and courageous men.  If, however, they did not go beyond protests and civil disobedience, we would still have the Queen of England as the titular head of our country.  We must understand government as George Washington did;

     “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force:  like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master.  Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.”  

     Ultimately, government is force.  Unless that force meets with resistance, it will continue on indefinitely until all people are brought under its totalitarian control.  If our leaders are moral men and women, our protests and electoral activities will sway them.  That is why Ghandi and Dr. King were successful.  Those in authority had a basic respect for life and justice.  Did protests and civil disobedience work against Stalin or Hitler or Mao or Che?  No.  These were godless men with no sense of morality and zero respect for life.  Need I remind you that these are the heroes of the progressives, that Mao and Marx provide the ideology for those currently in power?  That the murderous Che is celebrated?  What happened to the people under the authority of those men?  Those who were not killed were reduced to slavery.  The Chinese people and those of Cuba remain under totalitarianism.  Hitler and the USSR were defeated from the outside.  Their people did not rise up.  God did not miraculously deliver them.  Any protests were crushed with violence.  They gave up any means of resistance.  Those governments have nothing to fear from the people, therefore the people live in fear.

     If we declare unequivocally to our rulers that we will never resist their attempts to reduce us to slavery with force, if we declare that we will be good losers and comply with whatever they do, what is to keep them from doing whatever they want?  Are we going to trust them with self restraint?  Are you kidding?  The Second Amendment is in the constitution for a reason.  Allow me to quote;

     “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

     The founders understood that tyrants wield their power through the army and/or a national police force.  It is at the point of a gun where their will is ultimately enforced. (I remember and Obama czar quoting something like that with appreciation.)  Republics, however, are held together by a common morality and respect for the law among the people and their rulers.  The founders distrusted a large standing army for this very reason.  That is why a state militia, made up of free men who had their own means of self defense, was necessary for the security of a free State, as opposed to the Federal Government.  If the federal Government sought to wield illegitimate power over the states and the people, they would be physically unable to because the state would have the “bigger guns”.  The “National” Guard does not fulfill this role.  However, we now find ourselves in a precarious position.  Individually, we can defend ourselves if we so choose but an individual is no match for the coercive power of the Federal Government.  Such attempts at resistance lead to indiscriminate violence and serve only to embolden those in power and paint resistors as cooks and crazies.  If we would resist tyranny we must follow the example of the original patriots whose militia provided the original resistance and who fought the British wherever Washington’s Continental Army was not.  That requires planning and preparation.  We all know that the shadow government of this administration is carefully plotting our subjugation.  If our resistance is haphazard and disorganized at the start, we will be no match for a government machine that already controls so much of our lives.

     It is my contention that we will reach the point where we will have to choose between ultimate submission to tyranny or armed resistance.  If you think that is absurd, consider for yourself at which point you will stop complying with the wishes of our despotic government.  Did you fill out your census form in its entirety?  No, good, that was easy.  Will you allow them to take a DNA sample for a national ID card?  Will you allow them to take your children and place them into the indoctrination centers we know as the public schools so they can learn about the joys of Marxism and homosexuality without the option of home or private school?  Will you turn in your guns when they finally require that?  How much of your property are you willing to allow them to confiscate?  What will you do when some bureaucrat tells you that your disease or condition is not cost effective to treat and you should just take the pain pill and die?  When they openly begin censoring the media?  When they load you in a truck to take you to a “reeducation” center?  At what point do we stop cooperating, moving to civil disobedience, and if they try to force us, to armed resistance?  When do we shake off our government indoctrination that violence is always wrong and defend our liberties with a vigor equal to those who desire to take them away?

     My rights to life and liberty come from God and I am under no obligation to surrender them to any man or any government for any reason.  Any man or government that desires to take those rights by carrot or stick is not worthy of my loyalty or affection.  I also have the right to resist any attempt to take my rights by whatever means necessary.  I do not have to submit to the confiscation of my property, incarceration or death because some despot decided his will to power superceded my God given rights.  I do not have to allow myself to be beaten or intimidated by some union thug or statist supporter.  If our leaders understood that “we the people” still had fangs and if backed too far into a corner  would use them, however reluctantly, there would be no attempts to impose such tyranny upon us.  Now is not the time to lay down our weapon of last resort.  Our politics is no longer a game.  Government power never has been.  It is a matter of life and death, liberty and tyranny.  Do we descend into the darkness with merely a whimper and condemn future generations to slavery in the hopes that one day someone will rescue us?  Ask the Chinese and the Cubans how that is going.  Or do we stand with our founders and tell our rulers that the line has been crossed and that if they do not retreat, our remaining liberty will not be acquired nearly so cheaply or easily.







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