Is Your Computer Protected? Wi-Fi Hijacked by 32% of Americans

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If you use Wi-Fi on your computer have you ensured that it is encrypted so no one can tap into your Internet connection? The rate of people hacking into someone elseÂ’s Wi-Fi keeps increasing. And those are just the people who actually admit to borrowing someone elseÂ’s Internet connection. Most people probably do not admit to that act.

A study conducted by Wi-Fi Alliance, has revealed that about 32% of people use a neighbor’s non-ecrypted Wi-Fi, notes USA Today. Lelly Davis-Felner of the Wi-Fi Alliance announced “The reality is that many consumers have not taken the steps to protect themselves.”

Too many people donÂ’t take the time to research the risks of using unencrypted Wi-Fi. There are many dangers to allowing anyone nearby to use your Wi-Fi. They could be on the Internet doing criminal activities. Then it would all be traced back to your IP address. They could also be snooping into your hard drive, monitoring your online browsing and hacking into your social media accounts. There are huge risks to using Wi-Fi if you do not encrypt it.

Online predators could also use your unencrypted Wi-Fi in correlation with a program like Firesheep to steal your personal information like credit card numbers and to snoop on you, notes USA Today.You don’t want an open door on your computer to allow criminals to enter. So if you aren’t technology savvy, get help to update your computer security.

Also, if you are online in a public spot near other people such as a bookstore, café or outdoor park, anyone nearby can hack into your Wi-Fi if it is not encrypted. Do you want the people near you to be able to see everything you are doing online and have access to your online brokerage account, email, social media and files on your hard drive? If not, it is crucial that you take the time to ensure that your Wi-Fi is encrypted to prevent loss of privacy.

Take action to use protection of your online activity. The time you use to secure your computer will be well worth it to avoid all the problems that can arise if you are hacked. To read more about protecting your Wi-Fi go to Lifehacker. The article gives tips such as how to set up a virtual private network.

Technology is wonderful. However, it is important to keep up to date with information about how to keep your computer safe from predators.

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