Isabelle Caro Photos: Anorexia Pictures Before Death

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The Isabelle Caro photos, before she died, show an organic side to anorexia and the reality of an eating disorder that claimed the life of the French model. The pictures will serve as an indelible reminder of what this condition can do to the human body and what impact it can have on those who continue to suffer.


In her 28 years on this planet, Isabelle Caro influenced the landscapes of medicine, psychology, and the entertainment industry.  She reportedly died on November 17 in France after returning from a job in Japan.  However, the shocking news of her death was only released yesterday as her family struggled to keep the death of their beloved private, according to published sources.

Not much has been released in terms of the cause of death, but a source close to Caro said she had been suffering from a long-term illness.  One can only surmise that they were referring to her struggle with anorexia.

Isabelle Caro photos and pictures that show an ominous side of anorexia, are surfacing all over the web.  During her crusade to bring attention to the ravishing effects of eating disorders, some applauded her gallant efforts, while others praised her eating disorder as if it were a badge of honor.

Unfortunately, there will always be radical groups that embrace radical means of expression.  However, anorexia is real and debilitating on a number of fronts, not only for what it does to the human body, but what stress it exacts on the human psyche.

In life, Isabell Caro was pushed to the limits to be “thin”, to lose weight by any means necessary, according to published sources.  It’s nothing new that models like Caro carry around the social pressures to lose an inch here, drop a few pounds there, and eat this, not that.

Those in the industry tout that it “comes with the territory” as if it were a rite of passage.  However, as the Isabelle Caro photos clearly show, anorexia and other eating disorders can be taken to extremes as one succumbs to social pressures.  In the end, the same thing that made her famous may have resulted in claiming her life.

Do you think that the modeling industry should be indicted on the social pressures it places on young aspiring talent?  The messages are clear in that one must be thin to be successful in the industry, but is it carving a path to eating disorders?  In doing so, even if one life is lost, the road to get to the top was not worth it.

Isabelle Caro photos and pictures can be seen here and here.

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