Islamists Attack Tunisian Red Light District

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Tunisian Islamists attacked the red light district in Tunis earlier today, trying to set brothels on fire. The police stepped in to prevent their arsonous attacks.

The protesters claimed their attack on Abdallah Guech Street was a spontaneous demonstration. They started after Friday prayers with a rally outside the interior ministry offices.

tunisian islamists attack red light district,tunisia,tunisian prostitution,tunisian brothels attackedThe Islamist attack on Tunis’s red light district is part of an attempt to eliminate prostitution from Tunisia. A protester told AFP that tourists from across the Arab nations go there specifically to visit the brothels.

While prostitution is officially illegal there, the Tunisian government has long taken the stance that some government regulation is safer than none, when people are going to sell themselves for sex anyway.

Government-sponsored brothels like the ones in Tunis provide prostitutes and their clients with some safety and medical exams.

The Tunisian Islamists attacking the red light district think closing the government-sponsored brothels will eliminate prostitution. As anyone in the United States can tell you, making it as difficult as possible for hookers to ply their trade only drives them underground.

It’s all well and good that the Islamists preach about women being treated as goods, but shutting down the safe brothels won’t change the fact it happens. Tunisia’s Islamists should figure that out before they attack more red light districts.

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