Italy Chooses “Miss Chubby” Beauty Queen: Angela Scognamiglio

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Italy’s newest beauty queen, with the title of “Miss Chubby,” weighs in at a large 375 pounds at 33 years of age, hardly typical of your everyday beauty queen! Her name is Angela Scognamiglio, and she is proud of her full-figured body. On Saturday night, July 31, 2010, Angela Scognamiglio was chosen to be “Miss Chubby” in the contest held in the Tuscany village of Forcoli, near the city of Pisa.

Although Angela Scognamiglio may not be typical American beauty queen, to Italy she is a beauty queen. The contest for “Miss Chubby” has been held for 20 editions now, and each year the primary requirement for entering is to weigh in at over 220 pounds. A surprising element of the contest other than the normal parade in gowns is that the ladies do parade in undergarments if they wish or, according to My Fox Atlanta, may even dare to do a little striptease.

According to the “Miss Chubby” contest founder, Gianfranco Lazzereschi, the contest is “a showcase for full figures.” He further states, in support of the large female contestants surrounding him, “Why can’t these two women show off? Why is it necessary to follow the dictates of what’s beautiful?”

Yes, the contest does showcase other types of beauty such as inner beauty and pride for one’s self. The question still remains though as to the overall physical beauty and overall health of these women. To some they may appear to be a different type of beauty, being full-figured and overweight, but is this condition healthy? With obesity on the rise and cardiac disease being a primary cause of death in the United States, I would not suggest we implement our own version of the “Miss Chubby” contest any time soon.

As for the crowned “Miss Chubby,” the winner of the contest gets a huge cake to share with every one, and all the contestants get a boost of self-esteem, which is nice, but what about promoting health to these women? Being overweight is not healthy. Although these women are being praised for their bodies and being told there are different types of beauty, they still need to be realistic that being grossly overweight is simply unhealthy and puts you at risk for heart disease and early death.

Angela Scognamiglio, winner of the “Miss Chubby” contest 2010 in Italy most likely agrees with other contestants of the contest who have stated in reference to everyday life as an overweight woman, “We are victims of severe discrimination; it’s as if we are second class citizens.”

Do you believe “Miss Chubby” Angela Scognamiglio and other overweight contestants are victims of severe discrimination? Or is it that these contestants simply do not have the energy or willpower to input into getting healthy and blame others for their hurt feelings when judged for being overweight?


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