It's late, but I still can't sleep.

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It has been a very long and tiring day! My grandson woke me up at 3 am. I tried to take a nap, but it was interrupted so much that it did very little good. Now, here it is late for me (after 10!) and I would love to go crawl into bed and drift off to sleep, but yet that is not possible.

This has been another one of those long days that start with a problem with my daughter and the problems just keep on coming. I even got so fed up that I left for over an hour. I ended up just driving to town to get a cola and then drive around while I talked to my mom on the cell phone. I was to the point of screaming when I left, so I knew I had to get out for awhile.

I've viewed videos and photos off and on all day today. As soon as I got back from my release valve trip, I started right back looking at more. If I had not tried to stay busy with the videos and photos today, I would have probably had to leave sooner. Right now, I'm still to the point of being jerky so I know better than to attempt to go to bed. When I'm this upset, I just can't sleep.

So instead of going to bed and tossing and turning until I end up waking up my dear sweet husband, I'm going to attempt to gather some more tonight. I'm way behind still, but there is always tomorrow. If not tomorrow, then there are always days and nights like today when I truly need gather to keep from losing my sanity!

I hope you all have had a wonderful day, are having a great night, and will have an even better day tomorrow! Thanks for all the help and support that you each continue to send my way.

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