It’s Official: Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Are Going To Cannes

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The list is in. And it’s pretty hype. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will be among a strong contingent of Hollywood’s finest at this year’s 65th International Cannes Films Festival. Yes, Brad Pitt, Nicole Kidman, Matthew McConaughey, John Cusack, Paul Giamatti, Zac Efron, Reece Witherspoon, James Gandolfini, Ray Liotta, Shia LaBeouf – and more hugely familiar names will tread the red this May.

One of the most eagerly anticipated films is David Cronenberg’s surreal shocker, Cosmopolis. Based on Don DeLillo’s book, the story follows Eric Packer – a billionaire on a 24 hour odyssey through an imploding Manhattan – and a roll-call of odd and also threatening characters. Not-at-all-coincidentally, today also saw the release of two trailers for Cosmopolis. Just as eye-popping as the teaser that debuted last month, reaction to today’s trailers – and Robert Pattinson – has been equally positive.


On The Road, the forthcoming movie adapted from Jack Kerouac’s seminal beatnik novel of the same name, is another highly anticipated Cannes showing. With a wildly diverse cast that includes Kristen Stewart, Sam Riley, Garret Hedlund, Kirsten Dunst, Amy Adams and Viggo Mortensen, and a lauded director, Walter Salles – On The Road, has been a strong contender for Cannes ever since its French release date of May 23rd was revealed earlier this year.

Predictably, gossip outlets desperate for “Robsten” red carpet photo calls, will now ramp up the “will-they-won’t-they” questions that have already begun. Alas (for them, that is) this is probably unlikely. Pattinson and Stewart may well be a couple in real-life, but they are also professionals who have gone to great lengths not to “sell” their relationship beyond that required for their fictional roles in The Twilight Saga. At Cannes, each will be representing films they are deservedly proud of, and in an ideal world that fact would be respected.

The full list of films that made the list can be found here. But for now, here’s a taster of what the beautiful people will get to see in full in Cannes very, very soon.

Cosmopolis Trailer:

The Cannes Film Festival runs from May 16-27

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