It’s Pants on The Ground Original vs Pants on the Ground Jimmy Fallon: Watch the Videos and Vote on Your Favorite!

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Just like American Idol, I thought I’d put it to the people to decide on which version od Pants on the Ground they prefer. I personally am a Pants on the Ground original video supporter but was impressed with the Jimmy Fallon version as well.

And the lyrics are just so catchy, don’t you think? I have honestly heard about 20 people humming/singing the darn thing over the last few days. And the message is strong. You do look like a fool with your pants on the ground and I am glad someone is finally speaking out.

Since it’s Friday and I’d rather do anything than work, I thought I’d share both of the videos for all of us to enjoy as we head into the weekend. So here they are: Pants on the Ground Original and the Pants on the Ground Jimmy Fallon performance. Which one do you like better?

Pants on the Ground Original Performance Video:


Pants on the Ground Jimmy Fallon Performance Video:


Which Version do you prefer? Take the Poll:

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