It’s Time: Big Brother Preview and Live Chat!

Okay…if you’re watching on the West coast, you may want to join in the pre-show discussion, then leave and come back. We don’t want to ruin anyone’s experience with spoilers!

And, if you don’t watch Big Brother, just drop in and talk about your day. We really do talk about much more than  Big Brother! (And I also try to return all comments, although I can’t always do it comment-for-comment.)

Now, let’s bring everyone up to speed:
Jess, whom I really hate, is HOH. Of all people to be HOH this week, Jess is the person I would have chosen last. (HOH is head-of-household for non-BB fans. This person holds all the power.)

Nominations were made on Sunday. Jordan and Michelle are up, leaving a very surprised Ronnie. (Does anyone think it odd that Jordy is the only memeber of the popular clique to still be around. That’s how life goes. Most of the popular kids from my high school aren’t so popular now, either.) Anyway, do you think he’s trying to back door Ronnie (the nerd who has placed himself on lockdown since his horrendous week as HOH. Or do you think Ronnie is really safe?


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