It’s Time to Put Droopy Dog Out

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Stupid political question of the day: Should Joe Lieberman be “punished” for his role in obstructing the democratic agenda?

”HELL YES!” Moreover, the next heads to roll ought to be the democratic leadership and The Messiah for enabling the dopily grinning weasel as he causes no end to trouble.

The dems thought a shovel-ready alliance with a man who bolted the party after finding a political shiv placed there by them was just the thing to grab a filibuster-proof Senate majority. Harry Reid, as our Don Knotts Impersonator-in-chief, I ask you, “If your compatriots threw you under the bus as you did Joe, would you crawl back without a smidge of hate in your quaking ancient heart?”

I thought not.

Lieberman quit and formed his Party of One and has given more grief to the dems than Yertle the McConnell could while rolling downhill with a stiff wind at his crippled old back.

Joey cajoled his old overlords into letting him keep his valuable chairs and other party favors. Since then he’s used every opportunity repay the largesse by acting the spoiler in an on-going game of keep-away using his allegedly filibuster-proof vote. If Olympia Snowe quit to form her own party, do you think the republicans would allow her to let bygones be bygones?

Attila the Rove would titter like a schoolgirl over the question.

It’s time for Joe to stop rubbing the dems’ naive noses in it and start being serious about supporting his constituents and helping the country climb out of the hole that shenanigans like his dug us into. If not, heave him into a lifeboat with no food, water, or oar. The skeevy, lying little bastard deserves no less.

It’s time for the dems to understand he’s not a help, but a huge liability. They should use every opportunity to politically stomp him like the maggot he is and spend a little effort trying to entice Oly Snowe over the fence.

Even if the dems can’t seduce Oly, it’s time to remedy a lose/lose situation. An iffy filibuster-proof vote from a man who continuously threatens filibusters is simply worthless. The longer they cave to Joe’s ever-increasing and unreasonable demands, the longer they’ll take getting anything done and the faster they’ll roll toward the scrap heap of history. By allowing him to caucus with them, they’re letting the man frustrate them ad-nauseum. They’ve let him set up shop as some sort of one-man shadow senate who gets to wield power well-past his right or aptitude.

And, the Bipartisan-in-Chief isn’t blameless either. Coming through the door with a proposal and offering to immediately eviscerate the thing isn’t the politics of change, it’s the politics of disaster. That goes double when you lean on your party to capitulate to any demand he makes like he’s James Frickin’ Cameron screaming “I’m King of the Worrrrrrld” at the Academy Awards.

Say goodbye to Joe. He’s over-stayed his welcome.

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