I’ve finally submitted my first book to Harlequin!

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I did it on New Year’s eve, maybe not the best idea they’re probably on a break and it will take longer to get back to me. Here it is almost a month later and I’m losing my mind! I’m mentally composing Dear acquisitions/editor letters… they range from conciliatory to hostile and then pleading and sulking… I’m not a patient person. 

I wish I knew what part of the process I was in… am I on a slush pile? Did you read the query? Did you read the synopsis? Are you now reading the book?


I’m mentally beating myself up! Are you on the fence? Is there something I can help with? Maybe I should have done this, or that! Ohhh geez I KNEW I should’ve done THAT

I wish I knew what was going on in your head, maybe you think it shows promise and want to suggest some changes. I’m okay with that! *nods* I can be flexible! Heck the book started out 125K words, I slashed and burned about 1/2 a book to get down to your guidelines… 

Oh nooo… crap! What if I left some gaping plot hole/clue hanging out there orphaned because of the editing? *head desk* |

This crap is tearing my nerves up!! *flails*

A link to my recently submitted book:


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