J. Cole Has Reportedly Shot A Short Film For “Crooked Smile” Music Video

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J. Cole likes to take his time with things.

This is evident with his album, Born Sinner, which had an initial date in January of this year but wasn’t released till June 18th. This is because Cole admits that he is a perfectionist and likes to make sure he gets things right the first time. Well, fans are seeing Cole put this on display again as he’s getting ready to release the music video for the second single “Crooked Smile” off his sophomore album “Born Sinner.”

Cole had reportedly already shot a music video for “Crooked Smile” but didn’t like the way it came out so he decided to re-shoot it again with his team. Now, according to highly touted DJ Funkmasterflex, Cole has shot a short film for the music video. Flex says, “I’ve gotten word the Born Sinner rapper has shot an entire short film for the track this past week. It will pay homage to Aiyana Stanley Jones, who was shot to death in a police raid during the taping of an episode of The First 48. Be on the lookout for this one soon!”

So there you have it. That’s the reason that it has taken so long for the music video to come out. Cole not only had to re-shoot it but also had a conceptual idea behind the video to make it a short film and will reportedly debut it in the coming weeks. Currently, Cole is getting ready to go on his official tour which is called the “What Dreams May Come” tour.

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