J. Cole Will Release “Crooked Smile” Music Video In Next Few Days; Says It’s Not What You Will Expect

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J. Cole has been a busy man the last few months. His album, Born Sinner, released June 18th and has done very well thus far. Not only was it the number one album three weeks after it’s release, it also went gold status for shipment of over 500,000 copies and also spawned a platinum single in the mega-hit track “Power Trip.” Cole has already put out the video for Power Trip but now he’s trying to release the video for his second single, which is the TLC assisted “Crooked Smile.”

In a recent interview with Rikki Martinez, Cole revealed that the music video is coming sooner rather than later. He had already shot a video but didn’t like how it turned out so he wanted to re-shoot it. He said, “Let’s just say, I’m trying to go left. I’m just in a better place creatively. I enjoy not doing what’s expect. Like you think you can imagine what a Crooked Smile video’s gonna look like and you’ll get what you get when we release it in a few days.”

It’s nice to see that the video will finally come out in the next few days. Cole typically is an artist that takes his time with all his music videos as he usually tries to make them conceptual. There have been indications that Cole wants to do a couple more music videos for other songs off this album such as “Forbidden Fruit” and “Trouble” but it has yet to be seen whether that will come to fruition.

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