Ja Rule Off To Jail This Summer

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Rapper Ja Rule will be spending not only this summer in jail but an additional year and a half after that for a total of two years behind bars.

Why isnÂ’t this all that surprising? Could it be because so many rappers end up doing exactly what Ja Rule did and wind up in the slammer?

The Fab Life reports that in 2007 Ja was arrested for being caught with a loaded semi-automatic in his car during a traffic stop in New York. T.I. and his wife, Tiny, were also arrested for having drugs in their car after a traffic stop in Los Angeles a few months back. These rappers have to learn that if theyÂ’re carrying weapons and/or drugs in their vehicles maybe they should be careful about how they drive.

During his trial last December, Ja Rule pleaded guilty to a felony weapons charge. He also agreed to serve a two-year sentence which will start on June 8. HeÂ’ll be turning himself in on that day.

Well, heÂ’s had some time to think about things and now heÂ’ll have an additional two years to figure out what heÂ’ll be doing when he gets out.

Good luck Ja and say hello to T.I. and all the other rappers who will be with you in the prison summer camp.

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