Jack Osbourne is a Real Live Hero

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Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are no doubt proud of their little boy. Jack Osbourne isn’t just facing a health crisis with courage and dignity. He’s a real live hero as well. The young Osbourne male saved a woman’s life while on honeymoon in Hawaii.

According to reports, Jack and a friend of his named Tyler, came across a woman who appeared to have drowned. Pulling her to the beach, the duo performed CPR on her until the ambulance arrived.

The word is that the woman had a heart attack while swimming. The sudden attack caused her to slip beneath the waters rather quickly. Whether she was legally dead at the time of the Osbourne rescue remains unknown. However, it that Tyler and Jack probably saved her life.

Jack was in Hawaii to marry long-time love, Lisa Stelly with whom he has a five-month-old daughter named Pearl. The wedding involved only family and close friends to keep it intimate and special for the couple.

While Jack Osbourne surely wasn’t expecting drama during his honeymoon in the islands, he got a small taste of it. However, he’s no doubt happy that he and Tyler were in the right place at the right time. Not every one gets the chance save a life.

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