Jack! (WWE, 12/5/12, Children)

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Jack, be nimble. Completely stretch and prepare for the task at hand.
Jack, be quick!  However Jack, do not run; especially on the concrete, walk purposefully and stay on the designated route.
Jack!   Be sure you have notified your direct supervisor, the floor manager, and the department head of the upcoming action. Sign all required requisitions and documentation of the possible action you are required to do. Purchase only the authorized  approved equipment and be sure wear of your PPE (personal protective equipment) authorized specifically for fire proofing, and use only the OSHA approved lighting device.  Completely clear the area of the said impending action to a minimum of 5 feet clearance in diameter as per safety fire hazard regulations, and notify the local fire department of the upcoming action in order to put them on alert in case of an emergency. Tie off – in case your jump actually exceeds the height limitations approved by your safety regulation #555. An finally  Signal loudly and clearly in a distinct and clear voice that the action is about to take place so as to not miscommunicate with co-workers in the immediate area and thereby endanger their lives, “Jack!  Jumping NOW!”

Jack, jump over the candlestick.

Now take a break, it’s lunch.
oh yeah, blow out the candle, Jack.

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