Jackie Chan Dead or Alive? Actor Denies Death on Twitter, Movie Coming

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Is actor Jackie Chan dead or alive? Rumors hit the internet on Wednesday thanks to some fake fan pages. The good news is that it appears according to the actor himself, his death reports are false, as he (or someone else) took to Twitter to confirm he was in fact alive!

The Jackie Chan death rumors started earlier today on Facebook and Twitter. However, Wednesday night on the EyeofJackieChan Twitter account it was tweeted by someone who denied the death rumors. The tweet stated:

“Jackie is alive and well and working hard on his next movie! Don’t believe the latest death rumors.”

So Jackie is alive and ready to kick butt without taking prisoners (on movie screens). The next Jackie Chan movie will be his 100th feature film role in 1911 which is currently in post-production. Jackie will play the character of Huang Xing. This movie will be a historical drama which delves into the founding of the Republic of China and the Qing Dynasty being overthrown. Definitely sounds like a deep movie and deep role, that Jackie Chan can officially “give life” to!

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