Jackie Chan Dead or Alive? Celebrity Death Hoaxes and Rumors Examined

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Many were wondering “Is Jackie Chan dead or alive?” after a fake Facebook page started up another celebrity death rumor. It was all a death hoax, as Chan lives on, but the celebrity death hoaxes don’t seem to die.

The Jackie Chan death rumors started up just a day ago, and Chan confirmed he was living on a Twitter message. It was the initial Facebook page someone created proclaiming Chan had died that got the net buzzing. So why do these death hoaxes continue to live on? After all there’s been several celebrities including Justin Bieber, who’ve been falsely reported dead numerous times, yet people still buy into it.

According to CSMonitor.com, the reason that these hoaxes continue to get so much interest and attention is due to the medium they’re spread on – the internet. That makes it hard to distinguish what’s real or fake as the rumors go viral thanks to Facebook, Twitter and fake news pages. Friends pass it on to their friends, brothers, sisters, cousins and so forth, until it starts to look real. Ultimately, the celebrity, or one of their reps, reports the truth to the world – via Twitter or Facebook, or a statement to the media.

So why do these rumors and hoaxes get started? Most likely its people with too much time on their hands. CS Monitor’s report contends that it’s because individuals out there want attention, maybe even from the star themselves. It’s almost like a sick way of getting noticed, by the star having to address their rumor, that they are in fact alive and the initial rumor was false. Sad but true, it’s a sign of the times and a way some people get attention!

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