Jackie Chan Death Hoax Joins Other Famous Dead Celebrity Rumors

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The recent Jackie Chan death hoax had fans all over the internet wondering “Is Jackie Chan dead or alive?” That prompted an official response on the actor’s Twitter and Facebook to confirm the Facebook death report someone made up was fake. Now a website has put Jackie Chan’s “fake death” in perspective, but showcasing some of the more outlandish celebrity deaths, that never happened for real.

Website The Frisky has compiled a list of “The Most Unbelievable Celebrity Death Hoaxes.” Jackie Chan has been dead twice this year, at least according to false online reports. Among the celebrities included in The Frisky’s compilation are Justin Bieber, comedian Paul Reiser, socialite Paris Hilton, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. There’s been fake deaths due to heart attacks, car crashes, drug overdoses and even reported fake suicides.

Sometimes the death reports are actually due to misreading accurate information. In the case of James Earl Jones, the report came back in 1998 when James Earl Ray was reported dead. Earl Ray was Martin Luther King’s assassin, while James Earl Jones voices Darth Vader, commercials and Verizon mobile phone messages. However, someone saw a quick news story about James Earl Ray and assumed they meant the guy who voiced Darth Vader. That person may not be as much to blame as someone who intentionally makes up a fake story, such as Jackie Chan’s.

In the case of Jackie Chan, his death report may not be as outlandish, so it appears deaths like Taylor Lautner’s cocaine overdose or Taylor Swift’s death from an allergic reaction take the prize. That is if these sorts of things deserve a prize. If nothing else they get the internet buzzing over pretty much nothing, and provide someone with too much time on their hands a way to try to fool the masses.

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