Jackie Chan Death Hoax Rumor: Facebook Fans Show the Love

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The Jackie Chan death hoax rumor for August 2011 took the Internet by storm just a day ago, thanks to a fake page made on Facebook. Luckily for Jackie Chan, and his fans, he is not dead, but alive and well. The actor (or a rep) has confirmed it via Facebook and Twitter.

The action movie star’s death hoax put him in elite company (if you want to call it that) with the likes of Hilary Duff, Lindsday Lohan and Justin Bieber. All of these stars were reported dead via some fake rumors online. Jackie Chan’s fans are now responding to the confirmation he is alive on his official Facebook fan page. The majority are happy to hear Jackie’s still alive and able to film movies including “1911.” In fact, to this point, there have been nearly 5,000 comments left in response to the good news on the Facebook page! Here’s a recent sampling of some of the Facebook sentiments expressed regarding Jackie Chan being falsely reported as dead and then resurrected with a confirmation of life.

Awad Omer Osman: That is so evil, why do people say that? May Jackie Chan have a very long life blessed with good health.

David Crandall: Death is a stunt only Jackie can survive!

Daniel Partida: He can’t die! He is better than Chuck Norris! And if he is immortal that makes Jackie something I can’t even fathom :) Go Jackie!!!

It’s clear there are both positives and negatives to social media. It’s obvious that sites like Facebook and Twitter can spread bad info fast. However, these sites can also help dispel rumors with a denial from the official source, and show just how much support celebrities have from their extensive fan base. There has certainly been an outpouring of love shown to Jackie Chan in the wake of the awful death hoax rumors! The question is, will he suffer a third fake death in 2011?

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