Jackie Chan Not Dead: Fake Facebook Reports Kill Actor

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Jackie Chan is not dead, but he is the latest victim of an online hoax. The rumor reportedly started on Facebook when a page claimed the actor had died.

This isn’t the first time Chan has been at the center of a fake death report. In fact, the hoaxes claim many celebrity victims each month. Stars such as Miley Cyrus, Taylor Lautner, and Jeff Goldblum have all been rumored dead.

File:Jackie Chan Cannes.jpgSo, why would anyone want to kill off Jackie Chan, or any other celebrity? It’s hard to say, but the now popular online celebrity death hoax seems to have started in 2009.

2009 and 2010 were big years for celebrity deaths. Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Patrick Swayze, Britney Murphy, and many others passed away within a span of year. This left fans shocked and saddened. Therefore, pranksters saw an easy target. The worst part about a death hoax? When a star does die (like the recent passing of Amy Winehouse) fans don’t know what to believe.

However, Jackie Chan fans can rest assured that the martial arts master, actor, and stuntman is alive and kicking (no pun intended) today.

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