Jackie Collins’ new Book, Poor Little Bitch Girl

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Jackie Collins’ new release, Poor Little Bitch Girl, hits bookstore shelves today.  the shelves today. Jackie Collins books have sold over 400,000 copies. She has 30 books currently in print.  She writes for adults not teens heart throb books, too.

What is Jackie Collins’ secret?  She writes for all time. She writes for the women and love and not something that people outgrow.  She writes about the seamy side of Hollywood and that is what America craves.  She fills a need to know.  It’s interesting to note that Jackie Collins was a high school dropout which makes her success so much more outstanding.

“I get a lot of young readers, they come to me when they are like 15, they come to my Twitter account or they come to my Facebook and they [say], ‘you know I stole my mother’s copy and I read it under the covers and it was so much fun and now I love reading and I am going to read all your books,'” Collins said.

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