Jackie Rozo, Daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mistress, Weighs In

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Jackie Rozo, the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mistress (or one of his mistresses, as it stands) Mildred “Patty” Baena, spoke out about the scandal and how it is affecting her mother and family.

Just as Rogelio Baena was kept in the dark regarding the 13-year-old boy’s biological father, so was Rozo, who claimed to have found out the dark family secret at the same time that the rest of the world did! Depending upon the relationship that the 27-year-old has with her mother, that is likely to be a slap in the face to her, not knowing who her younger brother’s father was!

Despite the shocking revelation, however, Jackie Rozo is choosing to stand in support of her mother during this difficult time.

“She’s like a superwoman pretty much,” Rozo said in an interview with Telemundo, adding, “She has always been there for us. For me and my brothers. That’s why me and my brothers will always be there for her.”

Don’t go thinking that Rozo is letting her mother off the hook easy, though. According to the same interview, she has yet to speak to her since the news broke.

What do you think of the solidarity that she’s showing? Would you stand by your mother if you had been betrayed in the same way? What must Rozo think of Arnold?

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