Jackson Rathbone in trouble for the leaked Twilight Saga: Eclipse script?

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The web has been abuzz with people searching for the leaked copy of the Twilight Saga: Eclipse script. The mania started over a this picture. It’s an image of a page from the blue script for the movie Eclipse. Typed across it, however, is the name Jackson Rathbone who plays Jasper Hale in the Twilight movies.  Meaning it was his copy of the script that was leaked. The question now is can Jackson Rathbone get in trouble for the leaked Eclipse script? The truth is, I don’t know. I imagine that Summit isn’t happy with him right now, however, we don’t know how the leak happened. I doubt it was intentional. Perhaps he lost it, or it was stolen or he had given it someone he trusted who shouldn’t have been trusted after all. Whatever the reason, I doubt Summit will do anything to punish him. It’s just a script, and the movie has been shot already and is in post production. It happens!

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