Jacqueline Laurita Claims Teresa’s ‘Real Housewives’ Blog is Lies and Semi-Truths

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jacqueline Laurita may have made the final decision when it comes to her friendship with Teresa Giudice. The women’s massive fight was featured on Sunday’s episode of the show and next week, Jacqueline will have the infamous meltdown that led her to not attend the third season’s reunion filming. Although people have been wondering what happened to make Jacqueline stay home during the reunion filming, it turns out that Teresa and Jacqueline just can’t get along. While Teresa is firm, Jacqueline is emotional.

Well, this was filmed over a year ago and both women have moved on with their lives. To get more answers, one can assume that the women are reading each other’s Bravo blogs and rolling their eyes. For one, Twitter followers want Jacqueline’s opinion on Teresa’s blog – and they want to know how much of it is actually true.

“Have you got the chance to read Teresa’s blog,” a fan asked The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jacqueline Laurita. “A lot of BS in there mixed with semi truths,” she replied. It sounds like Teresa is only sharing her side of the story, not taking everything Caroline and Jacqueline were trying to say to her during the fight. In addition, it seems that Teresa and Jacqueline have now involved their husbands in the fight, accusing one another’s husbands of having affairs.

It sounds like very little can be done to save this friendship. Do you think Teresa is telling semi-truths or do you think Jacqueline wants to make Teresa look bad?

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