Jacqueline Laurita Enjoys Life without Teresa Giudice, Has Moved On

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jacqueline Laurita is proud of have moved on from her friendship with Teresa Giudice. She was hurt for a long time, but after watching the new episodes from the current season, she has been very vocal on Twitter, calling Teresa a liar and a loser. It sounds like the confidence lost during her infamous meltdown has resurfaced. The fight did happen about a year ago, so the women have had time to heal and move forward.

“I’ve moved on from that friendship,” Jacqueline recently shared with Tom Murro from Fox Connecticut. “I have no more interest in being friends with Teresa.” Of course, it took her a long time to stand confident in her decision to move on from the friendship, especially because her fellow friends from the show and her family stood firm in their decisions. While everyone else had moved on, The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jacqueline Laurita wanted a sincere apology in hopes of making up and moving on.

“When Teresa flips out I just look into her crazy eyes and I can see she’s hurt and angry but doesn’t know how to express or control her emotions,” Jacqueline explained to Fox. “I feel bad for her. I just want to hug her.” However, Teresa may not want a hug from Jacqueline. Teresa feels just as betrayed by Jacqueline as Jacqueline felt when Teresa exploded on her back porch. Perhaps the hugging comment is just a way to make her look caring.

Do you support Teresa or Jacqueline?

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