Jacqueline Laurita No Longer Wants Teresa Giudice In Her Life

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Jacqueline Laurita and Teresa Giudice used to be the best of friends. All throughout the first three seasons they were close, and always had each other’s back. However, they have since had a falling out, causing Jacqueline to re-evaluate their entire relationship, and she’s realizing that they were never truly friends.

“I always gave her my honest opinion and she would get upset with me,” Jacqueline tells Us Weekly. “She asked me for it, but then she would get mad when I didn’t agree with her.”

Viewers of Real Housewives of New Jersey saw Teresa and her new friend, Kim, chatting on last Sunday’s episode about Tre’s brother wanting to go to therapy with her to work out their differences. Ironically, Kim just agreed with everything Teresa said about not wanting to go and didn’t offer any suggestions on how Tre can mend her relationship with her brother.

Now that she’s realized what kind of person Teresa truly is, Jacqueline is completely done with her. “She’s not someone I want in my life,” says Laurita. “I realized that she was never there for me.”

As for her faith that Teresa and brother will ever move forward, Jacqueline says, “If you’re not looking for a solution, and you can’t look into yourself to see where you have contributed to a problem, there’s never going to be a resolve.”

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