Jacqueline Laurita Says It’s Her Job to Judge and Slams Teresa Again

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Jacqueline Laurita may not be the loudest mouth of the women on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but she is using her Twitter to defend herself, even if it means bashing her costars. For one, fans of the show have been reaching out to her about Sunday’s episode, which chronicled field day at her house. Teresa, Jacqueline and Caroline got into a fight regarding Teresa’s parenting, because she couldn’t address the issues with Joe, leading her daughter Gia in tears. However, Jacqueline doesn’t exactly feel bad about what happened. She feels it is her job to judge her costars.

How much is Jacqueline Laurita Net Worth Salary Income“In case you didn’t notice, we are all on a reality show together. We have to engage in each other’s lives. It’s our job to interact,” she wrote on Twitter earlier today, after followers started attacking her about how she handled Teresa and Gia’s crying. “You guys are so into this. Your right, our lives are on tv to judge, therefore, we judge each other & are in each other’s business. Get it? lol.” It sounds like people don’t agree with Jacqueline Laurita about judging her The Real Housewives of New Jersey costars just because she has signed a contract with Bravo.

But fans have to agree that it is the drama that makes the show such a big success. However, Jacqueline also addresses one big issue that was the focus of the episode. Teresa claimed her brother didn’t reach out to her after their big fight at the pool party, but Jacqueline claims that she asked Teresa once again whether Joe texted her and she said no. “FYI, after I heard Joey text T, I pulled T aside in my library ON CAMERA (never aired) 2ask her again. She STILL lied. I saw the texts,” Jacqueline claims.

Whether fans believe her or Teresa has yet to be seen. Does her bashing Teresa on Twitter change your mind about Jacqueline?

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